Version 1

Version 2

Create and control

Ready For Sky App is a unique empowering creation by Ready for Sky LLP, which allows remotely control of unlimited quantity of various devices via one mobile application.

User’s first arrival.

Registry, catalogue.

My devices. Managing, statuses.

Registry consists of two steps. The first step is entering login details, the second is checking them.


Textbox has two states and an affordance to rapidly delete characters in text field.

The application’s Home screen.


You can manage all of the linked devices, create groups, browse statuses and events.



start using




add device


User-friendly interface:

- Lost profile restoring;

- Pairing an unlimited number of various devices;

- Automatic setting saver;

- Grouping and controlling devices;

- Event setting function;

- User manual for each device.


Device catalogue.

Description, 3D-model.

Catalogue has rapid search by name and an easy sorting by categories, manufacturers and devices.


Catalogue provides an ability to buy a device and get acquainted with the device’s mobile interface via demo mode.


Device catalogue.

Demo mode.

Multicooker D100S’s demo mode.

The multicooker has two bowls and a radio.


Quick start button allows to run the favorite recipe with one click and instantly switch back and forth between the bowls.


Pairing a device.

Device catalogue.

After registry a user gets to Home Screen.


Next it’s required to add a device from

product catalogue. Step-by-step guide will

help pair a device.


The device is paired and displayed

on Home Screen.



In consequence of automatical far- and near fields switchover the application locates the user and runs pre-set processes, i.e. putting on or blacking the light out.


Home screen. Widgets. Managing the Home Screen.

On the screen you can observe your devices’ statuses and their main aspects.


You can also set a widget for each device.


Home screen.

Device group creation.

Home Screen possesses three main sections: Statuses, Events and Settings.


In Status section a user can create device groups, manage, delete and relocate devices just by moving their names to the target group.


Statuses indicate the device’s real-time condition.


Home Screen.

Devices’ events.

You can set tight schedule for each device.


For instance you can activate a required program for two hours and then automatically switch the device off.